Day Off – Gi and Kim

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Resolvi escrever esse post em inglês pois hoje recebi várias visitas do EUA, Inglaterra, Canada e outros países. Alguém traduziu a Tirinha Dia de Folga e enviou seu link para um site agregador de notícias. Legal, né? Bom, traduzi a tirinha e falei um pouco sobre o casalzinho e sobre mim!

Dear Friends,

Today our blog received a great number of visits from US, United Kingdom, Canada and many other countries than Brazil. The reason is that somebody has translated one of Gi and Kim’s Comic Strips into English and submitted its link to some social news websites, such as

Well, I’m very happy and surprised with so many visits! I was Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I’m married to Gisele (my angel).

In 2010, I decided to draw and write a real endless love comic strip story. Gi (or Gisele) and Kim (nickname for Marcos) are a Married Brazilian couple. They don’t have kids yet, but a little dog named Bonifacio and Mostarda, a smart yellow parrot!

Their comics strips reflects the funny and controversial nuances between men and women and the importance of family and love.

In 2 or 3 of months I hope all comics strips are translated into English and hope you come back to see it. You can follow my comic strips on Facebook and Twitter !